Satine Vs Kacie: Messy Shiny Sportswear Quiz P1
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"Savoury and Sweet forfeits"

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As we join the scene, Kacie and Satine are getting changed into their lovely shiny sportswear. They talk about how nice the shorts are and how cute they look.

They go off to play their football match and when we rejoin the scene, they are sad that they lost. They decide to cheer themselves up by playing a messy quiz. Satine says she can answer any questions on James Bond. If Satine gets a question right..she gets to get Kacie. If she gets a question wrong, Kacie gets her. The first two questions are shared, and each girl chooses to pie the other with a gooey pink pie rubbed all over their lovely shorts.

When Satine gets the next one wrong, she gets baked beans poured all over her gorgeous hair. When she gets the next one wrong, Satine begins to realise, pride comes before a fall, and Kacie takes great delight in giving her a pie in the face. Satine gets the next one wrong too...and ends up with a whole jug of rice pudding all over her hair. Kacie is having great fun and when Satine errs again, she goes for the spaghetti all over Kacie's lovely top, and also her hair. Satine also gets the final question of Part 1 wrong, and receives a pie to the front of her shorts as a result. So at the end of Part 1, Kacie has only had a pie to the bottom. Will her luck continue? Can Satine be That bad at her professed specialist subject. Part Two will have all the answers

Meanwhile if you enjoy seeing girls genuinely having a fun giggly quiz, then this is the scene for you
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"Giggles galore! Satine shaken, stirred and messy!"
Buff  1/16/17

This scene is a very simple 'quiz/forfeit' set-up, maybe not necessarily the kind of thing I would normally go for. What attracted me, apart from it being Kacie James (everyone knows I like Kacie!) is that in the preview pics both girls seem to be having such fun with it. Satine Spark was new to me but her constant laughing & obvious enjoyment are quite infectious, & Kacie clearly took pleasure in applying the forfeits for each wrong answer! The scene starts with the two girls changing out of their clothes into all-white, prestine t-shirt & shorts combos. They decide on a little quiz with wrong answers--of course! leading to mess. Satine fancies herself a bit of a James Bond fan but, suffice to say, she may need to read up on her knowledge a bit after this! There is mess over Satine's head & pies are applied to face & shorts-clad bum. The girls are so cute together & clearly loving the scene. For me, if it's apparent the model(s) are enjoying what they're doing then I get much more pleasure from watching it, so Kacie's smile & Satine's giggles made this such a lovely watch. The chat between the girls is natural & fun, & Satine looks lovely messy--she takes it very well & is clearly a girl who'll be up for more mess in the future! Kacie is as cheeky & lovely as ever, I'm much hoping that Part 2 of this scene sees Satine gain a bit of revenge by messing Kacie, & enjoying it just as much!

Two gorgeous ladies clearly working well together, bouncing off each other (not literally, alas!) & acting out a lovely scene. Have to say as well, there is some brief nakedness, & both girls are sizzling hot! Hopefully Rev. Slymsford has plans to bring them together again because they are wonderful together!

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